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What Size?

We offer a wide variety of unit sizes to fit your storage needs. View our size chart here.

What fits in what size unit?

Estimating the amount of space you require is often the hardest part of storing your goods.
Sometimes you'll need to store goods of unusual sizes. If that's the case, why not give us a call? We'll be happy to help you find the size that's right for you. Don't forget, subject to availability, you can always change your unit size.

Cubic vs. Square Footage

Moving companies usually use cubic feet as their measurement of choice. Here's the basic formula: a 10 x 10 (W x L)* storage unit is 100 square feet of floor space (multiply the length times the width). All of our units have 8' high or 9’6” high ceilings, so multiply that by your square footage to come up with your cubic footage.

Unit Size What Will Fit? Typical Room

25 sq. ft. This unit is like a small walk in closet. It' a good space to keep an overflow of things such as seasonal items (winter or summer clothing, pool toys, sleds and toboggans), toys, boxes and miscellaneous household and office items.

Walk-In Closet

100 sq. ft. This storage space is the size of a kids room. It can hold the entire contents of a two bedroom apartment and easily can hold the belongings of two people or you could always use it as a garage and store a vehicle or small boat in it instead. If you plan on doing this, make sure that you get a unit that opens to the outdoors rather than into a hallway.

Average Sized Bedroom

150 sq. ft. This storage space is the size of a master bedroom. It can store many household things, as well as things like motorcycles and exercise equipment.

Most midsized cars. Large bedroom

200 sq. ft. Ideal for the typical 3-4 bedroom home with appliances. Our commercial customers often use this size for excess inventory, or additional supplies storage.

One Car Garage

360 sq. ft. A 4-5 bedroom home with all the typical furnishings. In some cases, a boat, car or truck could be stored.

Large one-car garage or small office suite

Holds 500 sq. ft of merchandise, supplies or tools for small businesses.Comparable to a large double-car garage, can accommodate approx. 6 to 7 rooms of furniture.

Double deep garage