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What Size?

We offer a wide variety of unit sizes to fit your storage needs. View our size chart here.


We are your one stop moving store!

Free Stuff:

We offer a 6x10 cargo trailer free of charge to our tenants to help with move-in.
We have a commercial pallet jack, appliance dolly, hand trucks, and furniture dollies that we lend to our tenants.

What We Sell:

  • Stainless steel heavy duty disc lock. Impervious to rust with the finest internal mechanisms available. ONLY $9.99
  • Heavy laminated chrome plated padlocks with hardened chrome steel shackle. Just $4.99

Tape and Dispensers
  • Small and large tape dispensers
  • Clear packing tape to fit either dispenser. ONLY $1.49 a roll.

Plastic Covers
  • Mattress bags from twin to king size, priced from. Just $2.99
  • Car dust covers. Just $4.90
  • Sofa covers. Just $3.75


  • Marking pens
  • Tie down rope
  • Utility knives
  • Packing supplies
  • Dehumidifiers

Moving boxesMoving Boxes

We sell boxes in a variety of sizes from small to giant and our prices are competitive, frequently much lower than national moving companies. Sometimes, we also have quality used boxes available for sale.